Tarot Class     Comming Soon!!!

Learn about Tarot and how to so your own readings. Open to every one wanting to know more about Tatot.

Just a card game?

Astrology: Why are the planets , sun, moon,earth, and zodiac part of the card game?

Numerology: What do the numbers mean?

Symbology: Where to look for clues, messages, and themes.

Mythology: The Fool's Journey, Archetypes, and Super Heroes

Theology: Ideas, Old and New Ways, Knowledge is Power!!!

18+ with Valid ID


Level #1 Lash Extention Class Comming Soon

$650 w/kit $400 bring your own kits

Comming Soon!!!   10AM-4PM
This is an Intro to Lashes class. Designed for beginners & self taught techs who need more theory to enhance their techniques.

Day 1 covers Theory & a live demo of Classic, Hybrid & Volume lash extensions.

Day 2 is hands on. Students required to have a model for the second day.

DM, Call , or Text for details 925.826.8776

Touched by Dennis
Wellness Center
in cooperation with
The Purple Door Esthetics
is now offering professional classes for advanced training.


Level #1 Microblading

$800 w/kit $450 bring your own kit.

September 2&3 10AM-6PM
Kit includes everything to complete course & get started.
$300 Kit cost due 
$250 Class deposit due
$250 Due 

Bring your own Kit
$250 Class deposit due
Kit list sent after deposit paid.
$100 Due
$100 Due
DM, Call , or Text for details 925.826.8776