Lash Extentions
Post Lash Tips
Proper care and maintenance is easy to maintain and will extend the life of your lash extensions to match your normal lash growth cycle. 

The first 48 hours: 
It is crucial for the adhesive to dry and provide a strong, durable bond. Therefore, it's very important to adhere to the following instructions:

Keep them dry. When showering, avoid washing your face with hot water or wetting your lashes.
Avoid swimming or exposure to steam, heat or saunas.
Avoid oil-based creams and lotions on, or around, the eyes.
Do not apply eye or lash makeup.
Avoid eyelash tinting, perming or chemical treatments.
Avoid chemical peels, waxing or laser treatments around the eyes.
Avoid sleeping on side or stomach.
After the first 48 hours: 
Although the adhesive has dried, certain activities can weaken the adhesive bond and result in premature loss of your lash extensions. Therefore the following guidelines are recommended:

You can swim, shower and exercise as usual but avoid excessive exposure to heat or steam.
Be gentle with your new lashes, don't rub your eyes excessively and don't pick or pull on the lashes as it can pull your own eyelash out along with the extension.
Avoid oil-based eye care products or oil-based eye make-up remover. Use of oil-based products can weaken the adhesive bond. We recommend using Lira Clincal Bio Enzyme Cleanser® to cleanse your face, gently remove eye makeup and cleanse your lashes and eyelids.
Use of mascara may reduce the lifespan of your lash extensions. Although not needed, water-based mascara may be used if desired, but apply sparingly and remove gently. 
Avoid eyelash curlers as they can damage both natural and synthetic lashes.

With proper care, your lash extensions will last as long as your own lash, but can be maintained indefinitely with refills. To keep your lash extensions lush and full, we recommend getting a fill, every 2 to 3 weeks. 
Pre Lash Tips
This procedure can take some time, so it is important that some preperations be done prior to arriving for your appointment:

Avoid wearing any eye make up the day of your service. If you must Please remove all eye makeup with a mild, oil-free cleanser prior to your appointment. Eye makeup can interfere with the adhesive bond and shorten the lifespan of your lash extensions, so it's very important your natural lashes be as clean as possible.

If you are a contact lens wearer, please remove them before your service.

Wear comfortable clothing, a blanket will be provided should you get cold.

To keep you as comfortable as possible and to avoid any delays, please visit the restroom before your procedure.