30min Targeted Area Massage $45

Perfect if you only want to target a small problem area. 

Massage & Energy Work


Can be focused just on problem areas only or just a relaxing full body.

60 Min $75

Series of 3 $189

90 Min $95

Series of 3 $255

120 Min $125

Series of 3 $336  


LED Add On $25

Inferred Light Therapy to help reduce pain and inflammation.


Hot Stone Add On $35

This add on makes any massage an incredable experence.

A hot stone massage is beneficial for treating arthritis, headaches, chronic pain, and stress. Applying heated basalt rocks, our therapists use them in conjunction with other massage techniques to provide you with the ultimate in relaxation.


Aromatherapy Add On $10

Essential Oils added to massage medium.


Guided Medatition $70


Our therapists are trained in many different modalities and will customize your massage according to your needs and preferences.


When booking your massage 1st choose: Full Body, Intergated, or Prenatal

Then in the next section choose length of time.